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Learning nurturing touch with Bo Tree Baby Wellness is the perfect start to your parent and baby journey. Research shows that regular massage and yoga improves and nurtures the relationships and wellbeing of parents and their babies.

Benefits: Benefits

Baby Massage

  • Babies crave skin contact and massage is the perfect way to nurture and show love to your newborn.

  • Massage can offer your baby relief from colic, wind and teething.

  • Both parent and baby can enjoy the feelings of relaxation from regular therapeutic massage.

  • During massage 'feel good hormones' are produced, reducing stress.

  • Massage stimulates the skin and this is crucial for development and growth.

  • Infant massage enhances the attachment and bonding between parents and babies.

  • Regular massage provides an opportunity for your baby to develop and explore their senses and environment.


Baby Yoga

  • Baby yoga incorporates many of the benefits of baby massage with a focus on movement, gentle stretching and touch.

  • Babies are encouraged to relax using special baby holds, baby yoga stretches and swings.

  • It is a well-established technique to help parents relax and connect with their newborn.

  • During baby yoga a baby is stimulated to develop their proprioceptive and vestibular systems through a range of stimuli. This includes; song, rhyme, movement, touch and stretching.

  • Baby yoga compliments the relief that baby massage offers and helps settle babies. It encourages a happy, calm baby.

  • Babies enjoy the close contact with their parents and sessions can enhance communication with your baby, by providing a dedicated special time to be close.

Take advantage of Bo Tree Baby Wellness pop up events and workshops, these are a great way to connect with other parents and stay in touch.

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